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Super Smarty Pants Kids Slippers – Bring The Zoo Home!

Kids Slippers
Here at Super Smarty Pants, we know that kids of all ages are fascinated by animals. So when Susie or Billy decide that they absolutely must have a pet tiger or alligator of their very own, we know how you feel. In order to keep the peace, we have the solution for you! Bring a piece of your favorite zoo to your own home by getting your kids a pair of any of these cozy animal slippers! These kids slippers come in a variety of animals styles and sizes to fit all of your children's needs. From lion slippers to horse slippers to zebra slippers and more, your zoo – we mean house – will be alive with lots of animal activity!

Not only will they keep your little “animals” feet cozy and warm, but these kids slippers will bring hours of playtime and encourage children to use their imaginations and want to know more about the animals “living” on their feet. And maybe, just maybe, they'll forget they ever wanted a real tiger or alligator.

So, buy one, two, or all ten of these fabulous kids slippers for your children and bring a whole zoo to your home! Just keep in mind, we at Super Smarty Pants are not responsible for feeding, training or cleaning up after your little “animals” once they start wearing these lively kids slippers.